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For Helkie.
Warning: Fluff/Friendship

You sat in the corner of your cell, your eyes shadowed and your face downcast. You had been captured by Peridot and Jasper for about a week now, stolen from Steven and the others by one of those blue ball robot things when Peridot discovered you.

You weren't a gem, and yet you had slight physic powers - able to read people's emotions, and the ability to perform telekinesis.

You were ripped from your thoughts when you heard the familiar feminine voice of Peridot, one of your captors, walking down the hallway. She was muttering something about Jasper and you curled in tighter into yourself.

Peridot paced around the turn in the hallway, thinking about how unfair Jasper had been the last couple hours when she came across your cell. Her emerald eyes swept over your figure, a weird spike of sympathy striking up within her.

From what she had observed so far, you really were innocent in all this. You weren't on her bad side, considering you weren't even a gem or protecting the earth. She walked up to the yellow wall of pulsing energy of your cell, stopping.

"W-what do you want?" You cursed yourself for sounding so weak. You cleared your throat and raised your head in defiance.

She sat down absentmindedly, facing you.
"You're going to have to speak soon, you know," Peridot said, referring to when Jasper and she had demanded information about the crystal gems from you. "If you continue to be stubborn, Jasper is going to torture it out of you."

"Steven and the others will rescue me. Just you wait," You refused to give up. You still remembered the agony on your friends faces when that robot had snatched you up and teleported away.

Peridot 'tsked', looking away so you couldn't see her confusion. Why did you still have hope? Didn't you see that they were no match for her, much less Jasper? Why was there such a heart wrenching look on your face...did you really care for them that much?

She looked back at you and her eyebrows shot up in surprise. You were staring off into space, a gentle expression clouding your features. She had never seen you like this. All the memories of you shouting and glaring at her and Jasper with a fierce confidence flashed in her mind.

'Then, in this moment, how did you look so fragile?'

She gulped, abruptly standing and leaving, not wanting to experience whatever she was feeling any longer. This was foreign, warm - everything she hated about others.

You watched her go in silence.

From then on, this had become a frequent thing. Every one or two days, Peridot visited you. Most times it was just you two sitting in silence, refusing to look at each other.

It was only those rare times you were near together, so close yet separated by the flickering golden obstacle. She would tell you things of her Homeworld, claiming she was "bored" enough to tell you with a blank look on her face.

You would listen in quiet acceptance, your mind telling you not to respond to her, not to begin to like her as a friend but your mouth having completely different ideas - whispering about your life on Earth. About pizza, and roller coasters, and lazy days on the beach, enjoying the smell of the salty air and the cool splash of the ocean.

She would respond with contained awe, indirectly asking you to continue with a raised eyebrow and crossed arms, her eyes shifting to the ground.

The lapse of time between your visits started to get shorter. You began to get used to her sadistic tendencies and she adjusted to your weird mood swings and random grins.

And slowly, ever so slowly, you two began to accept each other.


You looked around in barely contained fear and anticipation. The ship had begun to rock and shake a few moments ago, and you could tell something was going on onboard.

You gasped when Peridot appeared in front of you, glaring.

"Your friends are here," She said and with an unknown emotion in her eyes, released you from your cage. You stepped out in wonder, staring at her.

"The ship is about to crash," She said again. "Your friends are in the control room down the hall to the right. If you hurry you might-"

You cut her off with a tight hug, clutching her against you. She went rigid, her arms extending awkwardly at your sides, as if she didn't know how to respond to such an affection.

For a second she broke and melted, her head resting in the crook of your neck, a slight moisture on your skin where her eyes where but then she was gone, disappearing into a capsule so fast you wondered if you had imagined it.

You ran, following her directions until you heard the familiar voice of Garnett.

"This ship is going down!" She was shouting. "We need to find-"
You slipped into the room, cutting her off and making everyone gasp in surprise and relief.

"Y/N!" They all shouted.

"Wait, what about Lapis?" Steven asked from his place embracing your knees.

"There's no time!" Garnett said.

And as you all began to crash into the earth's atmosphere, watching the surface rushing up to you, all you could think about was the look on Peridot's face.
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PrincessAriaAngel Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017
I love your writing style! I don't even know the character, yet I loved reading this.
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This is really good the feels 
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