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Pewdiepie (Felix) x Reader: Stranger
You blinked slowly, trying to make sense of what was happening before your eyes.
"What...?" You muttered, fully relaxing your fingers on the wheel as you finished pulling into the plaza carpark.
Just across the road a couple meters ahead, there was a crowd - no, a conglomeration - of people. They were all climbing over each other to see something, or someone that was in the middle of the circle. You blinked again, watching as individuals of every age and size ran from almost all directions, excited voices echoing as you unclipped your seatbelt and cautiously opened the door.
"Geez..." You mumbled, still surprised and absentmindedly locked your car, walking forward. You were in disbelief, considering the store the crowd was outside of was just Hair and Cuttery. "I know people care about their weave but this is-HOT BELGIUM WAFFLES!"
You were cut off when someone ran past you, almost knocking you over. You tripped over your own feet, falling on your bum into the dirt. "H-HEY!!"
You watche
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So...tagged to play by UnleashdaMarshos. Check out dat page folks!
1. Go to this
2. Pick 15 characters from any Fandom you like
3. Tag five or more people
4. Enjoy!
*Drumroll* Baadadadaddaadaddaadada...
1. Your Mom/Dad: Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls)
Wow. Dipper as my dad. Lol UM I guess I would grow up with alot of interesting bedtime stories. Does that mean Mabel's my aunt? Oh my gosh, best aunt ever! I have a feeling she'd get me crazy stuff for Christmas xD.
2. Your sibling: Feliciano Vargas (Hetalia)
Oh gosh. So technically I'm a country? How would that even work? Lovino's already South Italy.....Maybe I'll be WEST Italy AHAHAHA. *insert maniacal laughter here* But geesh Romano can't be my brother....incest is wrong....Lol, Italy would be the best brother ever.
3. Your Grandma/Grandpa: Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)
*dies of laughter*
Jack. A grandpa.
So basically, I have a rum drinking, cursing, sword fighting, gun slinging pirate
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England x Reader: American Revolution
"He's gone."
His eyes were glassy, the orbs that were once filled with life and sharp wisdom dulled - the fire vanished.
Your lips pursed into a straight line, eyebrows set. "Britai-"
He held up a hand, head still turned to the window. His slender fingers dropped back to his side as if even that action drained too much out of him.
Silence passed yet again.
Your nails dragged across the flesh of your palms, nearly breaking the skin.
"We both knew it was coming."
(Pouring rain, a blue coat enveloping a face with cold eyes framed with glasses - glasses he'd given him that one day - and lips set with determination. A man dropping to his knees before another. The thirst for freedom forcing a gun pointed at him.)
You spoke the words he didn't want to admit, voice laced with sincerity yet a hardness that often came with speaking the truth.
"You knew it was coming."
You corrected yourself. For what you knew was irrelevant at the current moment, his grief was so overflowing you immediately cut
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The Eleventh Doctor x Reader: Different
You stared wide eyed at the stranger, his hand sliding through his brown locks and a nervous grin playing on his lips.
"What?" You asked.
"I said...come with me," He repeated. You just stared, mind overwhelmed with all that had transpired over the last two hours.
You stretched, mixing around your coffee with a spoon. You scratched your head, fingers tangling in your unruly bed hair. Your long pajama pants draped down your feet to hug at your ankles and your tanktop was ruffled from a fit in your sleep the night before.
Walking to your television, you picked up the remote and made to turn it on.
Well at least you planned to.
Out of nowhere a man burst through your door, running up to you and grabbing your wrist. The remote fell from your grasp with a thud onto the carpet.
"Out, out, out!" He said in a rushed tone, his words clipped in an accent you couldn't quite register yet. Immediately alarmed questions flooded your mind. Who was this man? Hadn't your front door been lock
:iconunknowngirl11:unknowngirl11 10 2
Sebastian x reader (Black Butler): Denial
It wasn't love.
Of course it wasn't, you told yourself. How could it possibly be. How could you possibly love someone that you know will never love you back? It was impossible, just the notion itself. And definitely not with HIM.
So it wasn't love.
That arrogant, tall, piece of crap that had locked you to the place. You remembered the day Sebastian had offered you a job at the house of Earl Ciel Phantomhive. The butler had simply knocked on your door, sized you up with crimson eyes as if to make sure it was you, then proceeded to let loose a closed eye smile.
And asked - no, demanded - that you work at the mansion. As an entertainer nontheless. Apparently his 'master' had ordered him to find a suitable person to play the role- you didn't even know why you fit the job,sure you could sing and play a couple instruments but he couldn't know that could he? Your answer was to resist calmly and when he insisted, shut the door into his face. Then he tried the next day. Of course your answer wa
:iconunknowngirl11:unknowngirl11 11 1
Purple Guy x Reader:Toast(Five nights at Freddy's)
"Uh...Excuse me?"
The waitress turned back around at your call, eyes relaying how annoyed she was at being called back but genuine politeness fighting its way up to the surface, lips pulling up into a smile.
"Yes, miss?" She asked, tilting her head. "Is there something wrong with your order?"
"Er- Yes actually," You answered, eyes glancing down towards your plate filled with a moderate serving of eggs and pancakes, specifically at the object laying beside the pancakes. "I didn't order toast."
The waitress puckered her lips, eyes glancing at the receipt of your order and a small noise of surprise coming out of her mouth.
"Ah, sorry! You ordered a number two am I right?"
When you nodded she shifted the noticeboard in her hands. "Sorry about that. Let me-"
Before any of you could do anything a hand swiftly swiped the toast from your plate, the action so fast it was almost a blur. You jumped, head snapping to the direction the hand came from. There was a man relatively your age, maybe olde
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Bill Cipher x Reader: Deal
"Hey, Cricket Bat! Wanna make a deal?"
You couldn't escape him. No matter what you tried, no matter where you went, no matter how you begged.
If you stayed at home, he appeared in your shadow and taunted you in every room. The kitchen, your bedroom, the shower. If you made sure to never be alone all day and hung out with your friends, he visited you in your dreams.
It had gotten to the point where you began to skip sleeping for days at a time, in a futile attempt to escape the nightmares and laughs that followed you and bounced around your skull. Dipper and Mabel even confronted you on your state, the bags under your eyes prominent no matter how you tried to cover it up with false smiles and reassuring winks. You couldn't get them into your situation. You wouldn't allow for them to get into your situation. You would simply have to find a way on your own to get rid of the terrifying dream demon.
And those words.
It was always those exact words, every day, almost every hour, every time y
:iconunknowngirl11:unknowngirl11 179 17
Gon Freecs x Reader: That Boy
He was weird, that kid.
You had first noticed him in the middle of the first phase - what with his spiky, gravity defying black and green hair it was hard not to. He was blissfully oblivious to the tension in the air of all the runners, grinning away and talking to his friends.
Your attention span grew short and you forgot about him after awhile, just another strange face in all the participants of the Hunter Exam. It was only when you could sense the exit was nearing to the five hour marathon they had put everyone through, his voice floated over to you.
"Hey, you!" There was a contagious grin on his face as he neared your form, this time a white haired boy that wasn't there before easily running beside him.
You lifted your head, the hooded cloak you wore concealing half of your face. Your e/c eyes surveyed the two from under the shadow, though they couldn't see them.
"What's your name?" He asked frankly. You nearly anime fell over but fixed your composure, half wondering why you inter
:iconunknowngirl11:unknowngirl11 36 3
Peter Parker (Spiderman) x Reader: Question
"Peter, are you Spiderman?"
Peter choked on his milk, the dark chocolate liquid escaping the sides of his mouth as you jumped and patted his back.
"W-What?" His eyebrow twitched. "What are you talking about Y/N? Of course I'm not Spiderman."
"Just a question," You shrugged, returning to your lunch. Peter continued to stare so you rolled your eyes and relented.
"I've been asking everyone all day just for fun," You grinned, chuckling softly. "And so far your reaction has been the best." You cocked an eyebrow, leaning into his personal space and smiling mischievously. " really are Spiderman?"
Peter rolled his eyes and shoved you away by your shoulder while you laughed. "Oh shut up, Y/N."
When you weren't looking Peter turned away slightly and clutched his chest with a hilarious look of relief. So you had been joking. Thank God.
A hand clasped down on Peter's shoulder from behind just after his spider senses tingled.
"Hey Spiderman."
Peter jumped and spun around so fast i
:iconunknowngirl11:unknowngirl11 72 10
Human! Bill Cipher x Reader: Fear
You trembled slightly as you took another step out into the darkness of the forest.
"Hello?" You called out once more, clutching Journal number one and a half (#1 1/2) close to your chest. Something had lured you out here; you weren't sure what but you could feel its presence.
Soon, you began to lose your patience. "Hello?!"
It was only after a loud crash was heard to your left that you realized you probably shouldn't have been shouting out in the woods at night.
You whipped around only to see nothing but the forms of the trees that suddenly looked so much more menacing than they had earlier. You laughed nervously, wishing you had put a chain on your adventurous spirit and hadn't so foolishly followed an unknown being deep into the forest.
You needed to get back. You turned, mind set on going home, or stopping by The Mystery Shack to see if those twins were there.
You stopped when you saw only trees and grass around you, some half dead and blackened or stretching towards you with thin
:iconunknowngirl11:unknowngirl11 212 24
Italy x Reader: Curiosity
"Ve~ Yes bella?"
You quirked an eyebrow at the word but shrugged it off.
"Say, can I play with your curl?"
You screamed as Italy suddenly cut you off and bolted past you, running incredibly fast down the street.
You spluttered. "What the hell?"
You sighed, eyes darting everywhere in search of a crimson-brown head of hair.
Ever since you had asked Italy if you could touch his curl, he'd been avoiding you. At first you thought he was just being shy (for you
touching a stand of his hair you didn't know why). That would have been entirely reasonable.
But this had been going on for a week and a half now.
If Italy thought staying away from you would subdue your curiosity he was dead wrong. If anything it just made it grow even further. Why did he and his brother have those curls? Why was he so protective over it? Did it do something?
You considered asking Romano but then immediately vetoed the thought. You got the feeling he wouldn't accep
:iconunknowngirl11:unknowngirl11 26 2
Eren Jaegar x Reader: Locked
First time trying Eren XD Hope u like~!
Warning: Humor and lots of Romance ^.^
Eren yawned as he exited the bedroom, his arms lazily stretched out above his head. He scratched his head, fingers ruffling through the messy bedhead locks that he did not bother to tame that morning.
For some reason, it was quiet...way too quiet.
Usually Hanji or Sasha would be running around with their crazy selves or Jean would be obnoxiously bragging about something or Krista would be practically sparkling or Levi would be-
The point is, it was unnervingly silent that morning.
Eren shrugged and turned to enter the cafeteria - (not a crappy room with some chairs and tables) - for breakfast - (definitely not a small plate of carrots with potatoes or two slices of stale bread).
Just as he was about to turn the corner a dark figure shot out from the shadows, tackling him onto his back. Eren gave a shout in surprise as he hit the ground harshly. The training they had all endured kicked in, causing him to
:iconunknowngirl11:unknowngirl11 6 0
Peridot x Reader: Prisoner
For Helkie.
Warning: Fluff/Friendship
You sat in the corner of your cell, your eyes shadowed and your face downcast. You had been captured by Peridot and Jasper for about a week now, stolen from Steven and the others by one of those blue ball robot things when Peridot discovered you.
You weren't a gem, and yet you had slight physic powers - able to read people's emotions, and the ability to perform telekinesis.
You were ripped from your thoughts when you heard the familiar feminine voice of Peridot, one of your captors, walking down the hallway. She was muttering something about Jasper and you curled in tighter into yourself.
Peridot paced around the turn in the hallway, thinking about how unfair Jasper had been the last couple hours when she came across your cell. Her emerald eyes swept over your figure, a weird spike of sympathy striking up within her.
From what she had observed so far, you really were innocent in all this. You weren't on her bad side, considering you weren't eve
:iconunknowngirl11:unknowngirl11 45 8
Kaneki Ken x Reader: Protector
Warning: Violence, light gore.
Kaneki Ken was obsessed with you.
He trailed you whenever you went anywhere dangerous, escorted you in the shadows to school, red eye gleaming in th dark. Whenever he got a break from Aogiri - the organization he had joined a couple weeks before - he watched you in your room from a high roof nearby, his cold heart clenching with a warm emotion each time he saw your face.
So he kept observing you, holding onto the human emotion that felt so foreign with all his might so as to not slip into the monster that lurked beneath his skin.
He never let you see him, always staying on the edge of your vision. For what would you think of him now when you saw what he had become? He couldn't risk it.
And so he watched, and waited.
You were obsessed with Kaneki Ken.
He was always on your mind, his kind face and dark hair flickering in your dreams. You remembered seeing him off to that tea and cafe shop where he worked, his soft smile stretching across his face a
:iconunknowngirl11:unknowngirl11 15 2
Ikuto x Reader: Comfort
You gasped in terror as you saw your friends - the guardians, Utau, Ikuto - screaming as they were attacked by a frightening giant formation of an X egg.
You didn't know how, but suddenly the egg became actually deadly, it's attacks hurting them fatally. The last thing you saw was Ikuto get hit in the chest before he fell to the ground, motionless.
You screamed.
Your eyes shot open, sweat sticking your body to the hot sheets and tears running down your cheeks. Ikuto was staring down at you, his hands pinning your arms to the bed as they had been uncontrollably flailing.
"Y/N!" He said again, his eyebrows pinched together in worry.
You panted heavily, your eyes soaking in the form of Ikuto who was alive. You didn't even think about what he was doing in your room.
"Ikuto!" You cried, grabbing him and sobbing into his chest. He blinked in surprise. Usually it was 'Ikuto let go of me!'or the most recent and used one: 'Ikuto you pervert!'
...What exactly had you dreamed abo
:iconunknowngirl11:unknowngirl11 8 2
Natsu x Reader: Fireworks
"Come on Y/N!" You stumbled along as the pink haired male dragged you by the wrist, head turning to give you a grin. Happy flew beside his head, giving you a curled cat smile.
"Alright geez I'm coming," You rolled your eyes. "It's not like the fireworks will go off before we reach there. Plus with the speed you're going at...."
You sweat dropped as your feet weren't even on the ground anymore, Natsu fully hauling your weight as he ran with you wiggling in the air behind him.
Lucy checked her watch, frowning. They should have been here by now...
She was about to call your cell number when Gray suddenly piped up.
"Hey, I see them!" He shouted, raising his hand to cup over his eyes, squinting. His grin only grew wider at the sight of Natsu nearly killing you, tugging you with him at full speed.
An angry tick mark grew over Erza's head. When Natsu reached them she slapped him upside the head, grabbing your shaking form. You clung onto her weakly, dazed circles spinning around in your e
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Murder (Cryaotic x Reader)
Warning(s): A lot of cursing.
Title: Murder
Pairing: Cry x Reader
Fandom: Youtube 
Word Count: 1,016
You were doing a livestream with your boyfriend and some of your friends. You plays multiple gmod games including prop hunt. You had somehow survived the entire time of a game once Ken had gotten himself killed in the first few minutes. Speaking off, you were now playing the game Murder with Ken, Felix, Minx, and your wonderful boyfriend, Cry. 
"I am ready to kill everyone and bath in there blood!" You said, laughing like a maniac as you saw the loading screen to the game came up. You have a bubbly personality but the fans had said that you sometimes had these little moments where you turned into a cute, little psychopath.
"(Y/N), the game hasn't even started yet and you're ready to kill everyone." Ken said while he chuckled, causing many in the the chat room to squeal. You never understood how the fans thought but you liked that they seemed to be able to put up with your craz
:iconentirelybonkers:EntirelyBonkers 229 34
Male!Jasmine/Reader - Flying Free
Male♂Jasmine/Reader one-shot - Flying Free
(Jasmine = Jasmond) (Rajah = Raja; female tiger) (The Sultan = Now a Queen) (Jafar = Jafarah) (Iago = Iaga) 
"Mother, not another princess. Do I have too?" Jasmond complained in exasperation to his short pudgy mother dressed in white royal garb. The Queen sighed heavily and nodded her head to her son, the Prince of Agrabah. Jasmond grumbled under his breath and crossed his arms as he glared his mother as she was trying to flee away from her son's arguing. "Why? I don't love them, Mother! I want to marry for love!"
"Jasmond, you know this is what must happen. You are a prince and one day you'll take my place as a Sultan and you need a proper Queen of royal standing. You'll learn to love whatever princess comes your way." The Queen explained with another tired sigh. Turning back to look at her son who was pouting with a glower on his ta
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 395 40
Male!Pocahontas/Reader - Different
MalePocahontas/Reader one-shot - Different

(Pocahontas - Pocahon) (John Smith - Jane Smith)

(Little side fact: 'Que que na-to-ra' means 'you will understand' in Algonquin.)
(Y/n) = Your name
(L/n) = Last name
(S/c) = Skin color
"Ay ay ay ya
Ay ay ya
Que que na-to-ra
You will understand.
Listen with your heart
You will understand
Let it break upon you
Like a wave upon the sand
Listen with your heart
You will understand
You will understand…"

Pocahon sat cross-legged on the thick large branch in front of Grandma Willow. His eyes were closed as he stood still with nature as it was as silent as himself. The passing breeze blew through his long silky black locks of hair in a hushed whisper. The the only other sound made other than the whispering wind were the chirping birds and the sound of his own steady breathing. "I feel today will be different from others…"
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 574 55
Romeo and Juliet [[AU! Eren X Reader]]
    Eren's Path of
    "This is stupid," Eren muttered under his breath as he stared at his script. Ah, yes. The unsuspecting Jaeger boy was given the part of Romeo. You have to admit, he was a good actor. A part of you was overjoyed he got the part. A part of you... not so much.
    You do have to kiss him, after all.
    And it will be hella awkward.
    "Oh, come on. It's not that bad. You just have to memorize lines. And cues. And the lines before your lines. Oh my GOSH that sounds like a lot more work than it's worth. You wanna just bail instead?" Wow, you're inspiring speech turned to pure laziness in a matter of 6 seconds. New record.
    "Eh, you said it yourself. Well, before the bailing part. It's not that bad. Let's just get it over with." He patted your shoulder as he ended his sentence. You huffed and nodded.
:iconrollingmikuplz:rollingmikuplz 67 13
Mature content
Karkat - Seven Minutes in Heaven :iconnatari-pan:Natari-Pan 3 2
Love | Dirk Strider x Reader
Love. It was neither foreign nor familiar for Dirk Strider; he had his fair share of girlfriends and even boyfriends before, but he only felt the emotion with one person: Jake English. Yet, as the vibration of the door that was recently slammed behind the aforementioned black-haired male, it was like everything was lost - like it all went down to a downwards spiral that felt like winter hitting his face like a well-earned slap from someone - someone now called as his ex boyfriend now. Usually, he wouldn't be so annoyed or saddened at a loss, but... he felt like there was an empty space. He had two halves of a heart - one filled in and one half empty.
Dirk didn't dare cry, he wouldn't dare have a tear slip down his cheek; his brother might have heard the commotion, but Dave would never see him neither sob nor cry at the loss of the one person he had loved throughout his life - it was Dirk himself who taught Dave not to show his emotions too much, yet he was on the verge of breaki
:iconturntech-testified:turntech-Testified 76 7
Perihelion [Dirk Strider x Reader]
Author’s Note:
For those who might still want to make fanfic requests, see description for more information.
I own nothing but the plot and stuff like that.


The thing about Dirk Strider was, in spite of the fact that his face perpetually favored no expression, he did the corniest yet sweetest shit straight out from a 90’s chick-flick movie. Tonight was one of those moments, apparently.
You were woken up by a thud that resonated from your window, followed by another and another. For a moment, you wondered who the fuck had the guts to wake you up in this unholy hour of this goddamned evening, but then you remembered the solitary wonderful bastard that was daring enough to do so:
Irony Enthusiast, Puppet Hoarder & The Love Your Life
After the fourth pebble hit the glass, you opened the window. As expected, the blonde beau stood there, midway to a throw. He, then, plastered a smirk across his face, whil
:iconamereaberration:AMereAberration 168 26
Just Talk {Sans/Reader}
It was late. Perhaps too late for you to be wandering upstairs towards the familiar sight of Sans' bedroom, maybe just a little too late for you to be wondering where he went off to. But the party downstairs was becoming too much, too many questions from everyone, too many yells of drunken laughter and too many people. You were never one for crowds anyway. 
Papyrus had thrown a large party that night, saying he wanted to celebrate making friends with you. You told him you didn't want a big party but, him being who he was, he was set on that idea, and he certainly went through with it. He invited practically everyone you knew, too. 
It was fun at first. There was laughter, big smiles and pats on the back. People started various different games, one of which being 7 minutes in heaven. You refused to participate in most though. You mainly stayed around your closest friends, those being Papyrus, Sans, and Alphys. Although it was nice to have everyone else here, too. 
But you
:iconfab7424:fab7424 380 156
Othello's World (Kougami x Reader)
Tired, fatigued eyes were intently stuck to the large LCD screen, as said object displayed information after another, in pixelated words and numbers.
 The turquoise light of your computer  did little to help your ocular organs, and so you had to constantly look away to rest your eyes every half hour or so.  As you dared a glance at the clock, you exhaled quietly and raised your hands to your head.  
’So tired,’ shot trough your mind.   And indeed you were.  
Nevermind the fact that you were sitting here all day long, but last week’s mission tired you out both physically and mentally.  In fact, it had such a harsh impact on you, that you still felt drained and drowsy, no matter how much you tried to rest.  You having to type in the report of that exact mission, which required for you to recall the whole fiasco, made it even worse.
 You’d much rather sleep and forget all about it, but you knew that even if you tried to
:iconangottos:Angottos 46 7
RomanoXReader: Trouble
"Oh don't be grouchy, I called you to say good morning before I go to bed." You smirk into the phone. You sigh as you get into the bed sheets, ready to go to bed already.
"It's 8:30, you know I don't even get out of bed until 9." You hear him mutter as he yawn. "At least it's not the usual 5 am." From the background you can hear Lovino rolling around in the sheets. You frown slightly because it's not like he hasn't woke you up at 3 or 4 in the morning. "Wait what time is it over there?" He asks.
"Uh, 11:30..."
"The hell? You're still awake? Get some sleep." The Italian growls on the phone. "You know I don't like it when you stay up late just to talk to me." He mutters in a low voice. You feel your heart tug a little in your chest.
"Yeah, well I want to." You say in defense. "It's not like we can talk most of the time. We live 9 hours apart." You whisper, a little disappointed at the simple truth.
"I know." There is sadness laced in his voice, and you know you have to say something to l
:iconprocrastinator-otaku:procrastinator-otaku 177 74
Did I Say You Could Leave? Loki x Reader (cont.)

*As promised, here you go! I hope you guys like it! Thank you SO SO much for your feedback! <3*
"This is not happening..." You mumbled worriedly as you jerked the handle a few times only to be greeted by the same dull blaring sound as before.
"It seems as though I will delight in an even sweeter treat than the cake tonight." Loki spoke, his voice was low, and a half smirk graced his features as the moonlight fell over him, enveloping him in an eerily mesmerizing shadow.
"Stay where you are, or I'll-" You feigned a threatening facade.
"Or you'll what?" He asked, striding over to you with his usual overzealous confidence.
"Will you lock me up again? It seems that is the only thing you are capable of." He said, a bit more darkness in his tone.
"... You don't scare me." You lied, putting on a brave face. Your blood froze and a chill went up your spine as he roughly gripped your jaw with one of his hands.
"You are by far... the most idioti
:iconeliarti95:Eliarti95 42 21
Loki x Reader ~ The Headphone Debacle
Humming to yourself, you scribbled in your notebook at the counter. You wore an enourmous set of headphones and your ipod was plugged, blasting your favorite tunes.
"Whatcha doing, sweetheart?" Tony Stark asked, attempting to peer over your shoulder. You simply swatted him away, to little avail.
"C'mon, (Y/N)!" he whined. "Don't keep me in the dark." Looking up, you sent him a blank stare, pointing with a blue pen to your headphone covered ear.
"Jeez, don't you ever take those things off?" You weren't listening. Tony was probably the dumbest genius you'd ever met. 
Huffing, he moved to the fridge to get himself a drink, and left, grumbling to himself inaudibly.
You squinted, studying the cramped math notes in your book. You had always been bad about taking notes. And with midterms on the way, this was the one time you actually needed them. Sighing, you dropped your head into your arms, absently doodling in the spaces. Like it often did, your thoughts circled to the rest of the Ave
:iconseraphenaparks:SeraphenaParks 72 29
Curvy Cuddles (Makoto Tachibana x Chubby!Reader)
His hands were large and warm, smooth too. It was a bit embarrassing to say the least, with closed eyes and red cheeks, the Captain of the Iwatobi Swim Club laid next to you in his bed. Face to face, chest to chest, legs intertwined. The olive-haired boy was totally fine with this. His skin was drained from embarrassment, only a smug and content smile paired with his resting eyes, as his hands loved your body. They had pushed your shirt up to just below the breast, and caressed the curves of your ribs, waist and hips. A gentle squeeze occurred every now and then, his fingers pressed into the chub on your hips, sometimes squishing the fat on your stomach or rippled his long fingers in the cushion-y flesh of your back.
"M...Makoto.." A shy voice piped out with open eyes.
"Hmm~?" He cooed.
"Can you stop that.. It's embarrassing.."
"Stop what?"
:iconladynecrotic:LadyNecrotic 327 62
Flesh and Blood [Subaru Sakamaki x Reader]
He loved the way she whimpered for him.
It was the only thing in the world that was perfect. How she would shiver and squirm at the lightest of his touches or when she would beg and plead with him to keep going, whispering his name desperately like it was a prayer.
“Shut up,” he growled as he grasped her body with tightly closed fists, his hands a cage that she would never be able to break free from. “You’re so annoying...just stay quiet!” He could hear her breathing quicken as he brought his mouth down towards her throat, using one hand to angle head closer.
“B-But what if someone comes in and—”
“They won’t,” he grunted as he gazed at the throbbing vein hidden beneath her neck’s flesh. “They’re idiots, but they know not to fuck with me when I’m taking a nap. And that’s what they think I’m doing. So if you just stay quiet until I say so and le
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 622 58
Misunderstanding (Kanato x Reader) One-Shot RQ
You were sitting in a restaurant, out to dinner with your best friend to celebrate your birthday. Your friend, Kanato, had been by your side for a few years now, and while he was a little tough at times, you knew you could always count on him. You knew him better than anyone else, and could always tell what he was thinking. Well, at least you thought you could. At the moment, you were having second thoughts.
"I asked if you wanted to go out with me," Kanato restated, giving you a blank stare and rubbing his baggy, tired eyes.
Your finger started lightly scratching your fork, trying to ease your anxiety. No one had ever asked you out before, and to be honest, you weren't sure if anyone ever would. The thought of you and Kanato being a couple was overwhelming. But at the same time, it was a good overwhelming. True, for the 2 years you had known him, you never even thought about being his girlfriend. However, now that the time had come, your brain seemed to be smacked with all the
:iconjbags973:JBags973 168 31



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